Watch Harry Potter 7 Online

Watch the first  half of the last book of J.K Rowling “Harry Potter“, it is set to release on November 9, 2010.

It covered the part, wherein Dumbledore sent Harry, Ron and Hermione to destroy and find all of the lost horcruxes, but that task wouldnt’ be easy and it will trigger their life in total danger.

That time Harry, Ron and Hermione are fugitives from the  law because when the Death Eaters had take over the  Ministry of Magic and they offer 10,000 galleon of price to whoever who can turn Harry to Voldemort, so that Voldemort can kill him.

While Harry is on his quest to find and destroy the Horcruxes, yet he doesn’t even know what they look like? Voldemort is also on his quest to find a legendary wand that Harry was never heard of before. But Harry had a little glimpse about what on the mind of Voldemort. And when Harry investigates it, he had come to the story about the “DEATHLY HALLOW“.  And when Harry come closer on his quest on the Horcruxes he finally found himself in greater jeopardy, not only his self but the whole humanity.

Watch Harry Potter 7 Trailer

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