Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 5: Isis Online

Are you guys ready for the next episode of Smallville? I’m sure all of you were excited because this is one of the most dramatic for me at the same time, the most fantastic, because I’m a fan of Mythology. Well, I said mythology because a mythological figure invades this episode. The episode 10 of Smallville is all about Lois who lose her consciousness because of the relic that she found in Egypt that was said to be owned by the Egyptian goddess of home Isis. And this artifact give her a power that enables her to do everything but at the same time this power could be destructive. . And that, she was noticed by Cat Grant on which decides that Lois is the blur and determined to prove it. Clark has no option because he doesn’t want to see Lois in that situation. So, he decided to ask help to Tess to restore the true Lois. Well, can they make it on the right time before the raging power of young lady destroy everything?

So, watch Smallville Season 10 Epiode 5 Isis online and enjoy it

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