Harry Potter 7 Run Time

I just heard from the news that the run time of the last series of the international hit movie “Harry Potter” is 147 minutes. It is the 3rd shortest film from Harry Potter series.  It just followed to the Order of the Phoenix and Prisoner of Azkaban having the shortest run time. But for me the quality of a movie doesn’t depend on its run time, its not on how long or how short a movie is. But the exact question is, does the movie conveyed everything in that specific length of time? Because the worth of the movie is depend on its concreteness, its ability to impress everyone in any ways, either it is long time or short time. And for me, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is short, yet worth watching for. So, if I were you guys, don’t you ever forget to watch Harry Potter 7  movie online and be amazed by this phenomenal epic.

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3 Responses to Harry Potter 7 Run Time

  1. blaze says:

    I’m totally agree with you. A great movie doesn’t depends on the length of time but on how viewers, watchers or audiences satisfy with it….. but for me, harry potter7 is the longest run time because it composed of 2 parts but still belongs to 7….

  2. This is absolutely awesome! I found this a few months ago. I uaually am back to study it.

  3. Mel Lynchard says:

    reallyperceptivepoint of view.

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