Miss Earth (2011) Live Streaming

Watch Miss Earth (2011) Live Streaming – The reigning Miss Earth is Nicole Faria from India will be naming her successor in this coming Miss Earth 2011. Miss Faria was born in February 9, 1990. She was the winner of Femina Miss India Earth 2010. She was a model before she joined the contest. There are so many contestants and it is very hard that only four will be chosen to win the elemental titles. Out of 84 contenders the judges will chose 4 and that will comprise the new holders of the elemental titles. There are speculations that Colombia, Brazil, India, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Venezuela, Mexico, Slovak Republic, Chinese Taipei and Sweden will top the contest.

But this is just a prediction and the winner will be chosen this coming December 2, 2011 in the Philippines. The winners will receive crowns and they will be given a set of jewelry that will represent their elements. It is a great privilege to be chosen as one of the elemental winners since it is not just about the honor but also of the responsibilities that you will be handling. Traveling from various parts of the world is a nice thing to do. Let’s watch Miss Earth 2011 Live Online.

Miss Earth as one of the biggest pageants in the world takes pride in finding and selecting new women who will continue to do the responsibilities and the causes for humans. Watch Miss Earth 2011 Live Streaming, we are all excited right? The long wait will soon be over and you will see the winners of the pageant so bear with us.

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