Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 8: Stolen Kisses Online

Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 8: Stolen Kisses Online – Tuesday night is coming once again and obviously, everybody is getting crazy on the brand new episode of the very astonishing TV series from ABC Family which is the Pretty Little Liars. Oh well, there are many twist and twirl that we should keep in touch with and we should really witness with our naked eyes. Therefore, everybody won’t going to miss the final wave of PLL before the month of July completely fades away this year of 2012.

Oh well, in this week Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 8: Stolen Kisses, we will be able to see Ezra in a different perspective and we should join Aria on discovering a different part of him when Aria and we meet his mother. On the other hand, everybody’s are excited for Caleb and Spencer team up in order to crack a website that they believe might hold the answers for them all.

Actually, aside from those things that I have mentioned above, there are many twists that we should keep an eye, so we better watch Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 8 online with our naked eyes or maybe on our television. So, what are you waiting for guys, be ready for this brand new episode of PLL to invade your night on July 31, 2012.

Emily is struggling to deal not only with the loss of Maya, but the knowledge that someone drugged her “that night” and how that has now affected Paige. Going to make amends with Paige and try to explain the drugged flask ends up leading Emily to more insight of what she did “that night.” Also trying to help Emily out, Spencer turns to Caleb to help crack into a website that might hold answers for them all. Meanwhile, Aria realizes she knows very little about Ezra after meeting his mother and Hanna makes a plea on Mona’s behalf.

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